Dear MOM and DAD My Suicide Note… A letter composed by the thoughts of a confused boy or girl.. Listen before it is too late for your Children!!!

Sometimes we don’t stop to think what reactions our actions cause.  For example I know by giving my article a title like this one has it is going to spark controversy.  It is suppose to.  How can you show a group of people the way things will be if they don’t change there ways now.  I’m writing a letter from the eyes of a gay teenage boy/girl who was raised in a household where individuality was not accepted.  The only thing in this household was a philosophy on how life is suppose to look like and some very strong teachings straight from the Bible.  Now, Keep in mind the Bible is interperated in many ways, in this household homosexuality was not condoned or spoke of except to be punished by God.  The letter from your child will look like this one day….Westboro

Letter 1:  Dear Mom and Dad,

Although I love you both very much, today I killed myself, and you are going to find my cold limp body hanging in the garage.  I am dead.  Thank you so much for teaching me how awful and wrong it was to be homosexual in this world.  I know you are exactly right and your way of thinking and your mis-guided teachings from the Bible have left me no alternative except to hang myself.  I was born gay, I’ve fought it my entire life.  No matter what I do no matter how hard I’ve tried I am still  gay.  I’m sorry I failed you in this life.  Since I couldn’t be the perfect straight son/daughter you wanted and can not live my life as a normal person I’ve killed myself instead.  I’m sorry we never got to sit and discuss this but your actions throughout my life told me you wouldn’t want to hear it.  So, now I’m dead and we will never discuss it and since I have now taken my own life I will surely not ever get to see you in heaven.  I hope you enjoyed what short time you spent with me on this planet earth.  Now instead of having everlasting life together in heaven, I will not be allowed to attend. So, all we ever had was this fragment of time I called life and you called a disappointment.


A child that only wanted to be loved not forced to hold signs of hate towards someone who was potentially just like them.

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Letter 2:   Dear Mom and Dad,

Although it is hard being gay in this world today.  I am so glad you raised me with the teachings of the Bible and how to love one another no matter what.  I am gay and have tried so hard not to be but  I am.  Thank you for relaying the Bible and its teachings to me in a way that allowed me to express myself and talk to you when I needed too.  Thank you both for being such great understanding parents.  We all are sinners and each lay our own paths in life.  I am so glad you have equipped me to deal with life.  I’m glad I feel confident I could talk to you about anything.  You saved my life today..  I love you and can’t wait for the rest of our lives to continue.  Imagine all the things we will do together.  I’ll still have my first prom.  I’ll still have my first love.  I’ll still have my good days, and my bad days.  I’ll still live life because you understood that everything wasn’t black and white in life, but there are several areas of gray.

Thank you Mom and Dad,

The child that felt comfortable enough to sit and talk with his/her mom and dad.  The child that will live to be a great person and adult.  Just a gay one…

So you parents choose right now would you rather have your children here and enjoy life with them, and love them no matter who or what they are.  Or would you rather be mother or father who forced your child to hold hate signs and scare them past the point they would ever feel comfortable talking to you.  Because, don’t fool yourselves into thinking you can tell if your child is gay or not, because I promise you that isn’t the case.  You will only know if they choose to invite you into there lives.  If you shut them out and continue to be filled with hate over gay men and women.  You may have just signed that first letter for your child.  How long do you want to live with there death on your hands????


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